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Web design for search engine success means including Spider food text on each web page. Web Design for Search Engine Success Means Including Spider Food Text on Each Web Page - Many times Webmasters create some very pretty web sites, but their chances of ranking high for any relevant keywords have been dashed by the use of only graphics and very little or no text on the web pages. It is very important to every Webmaster's SEO strategy that they make sure that they've taken the time to write some quality textual content for their web pages. Don't write nonsensical text filled with blatant Spam. Instead, take a few extra minutes and write four or five quality paragraphs which clearly explain the theme of a web page. If a Webmaster feels they haven't got the time, ambition or skills to write their own content they shouldn't stress over it. There is plenty of free web page content available on the Internet.

Web design and the proper use of robots.txt file. Web Design and the Proper Use of robots.txt File - It is critical that Webmasters know what they're doing when they create a robots.txt file. If Webmasters are unsure of the correct syntax when modifying or creating a robots.txt file, it recommend they not use a robots.txt file at all. This may sound counterproductive, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Accidentally blocking the search engine web site crawler can result in a loss of all a web site's rankings. It would almost be like starting over again to repair this damage.

Web Design and Deal Links - If Webmasters are not checking for broken links within their web site, then they should start immediately and make this a part of their SEO strategy. Webmasters can never be 100% sure of their link integrity, especially when their site has 100, or more, web pages. Aside from losing potential customers into a vortex of 404 error web pages, they risk more than that from a search engine Spider and Crawler perspective. When a search engine spider visits a web page and discovers broken links, the impression left is that the web site is not regularly maintained and updated. Not much is currently known about how the engines view this, but a web site's crawl status may be assigned a low priority by visiting search engine spiders. In other words, the spiders may not crawl the web site as frequently as they visit sites with 100% link integrity. Webmasters should download some link checking software and begin a regular schedule of verifying their link structure.

Web design of a web site to maximize traffic from the search engines is not a difficult task but it does require Webmasters to think ahead and plan their Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) strategy carefully.

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