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Email lists range from family announcement email lists, game free email lists, car free email lists, computer free email lists, DVD email lists, entertainment free email lists, travel free email lists, and shopping free email lists to discussion email lists concerning where to get your hail damaged car repaired. Email mailing lists both free email lists and fee based email lists are available to you for Internet business advertising and marketing of any subject, product or service.

Email Tips for Webmasters:

If you build your own email list which contains people who have done business with you in the past, that can be an extremely effective marketing tool. Someone who has done business with you in the past, is more likely to use you again if your product or service was up to expectations.

With the ongoing wave of email viruses going around, people are becoming more and more reluctant to open email from strangers. Many email recipients know that If the email contains an attachment then the email could very well contain a virus. The only attachments that are normally safe to open are text files, i.e. ending with a "txt" extension, and image files, "gif" and "jpg". But be very sure that the email attachment extension does not end in vbs such as jpg.vbs. Malicious hackers try to fool email recipients into thinking it is a safe email file to open,

With that in mind, here are some highly effective methods to get your email advertising read:

1. Don't use a phony email return address that looks like gibberish or appears to be coded - this is a dead giveaway of Spam and will be summarily deleted by most people.

2. Don't use "URGENT" or "Re: Here's the information you requested" as the subject in the email if someone didn't actually request information from you. Many people use filters to automatically put emails with these email subjects in their "trash Bin".

3. Never require someone to write you via "snail mail" or call you (long distance at their expense) to be removed from your email list. You should also never send multiple emails to the same person as that is also aggravating.

4. Never begin your email with "Thank you for sending information on your money making opportunity, now look at mine" or something similar.

5. Never make promises in email advertising that are outrageous, as most people are smarter than that.

6. Don't use the word "Free" anywhere in the body of your email or email subject line. Many people set their email software to "trash" any incoming email containing the overused word free.

So how can you use email marketing to your advantage in the email network marketing game? If you do, you will realize the benefits of this very powerful tool. Build your own email mailing lists and advertise in newsletters, classifieds and eZines. This will give you a "targeted" email market that will result in business. Spam email will get you very little in the way of business and could potentially get you into difficulty.

If you keep your product or service in front of your potential clients on a regular basis, you will soon realize the fruits of your effort. One of the best ways, surprisingly, is not to try to sell them on your immediate offering. Get yourself a website and keep the contents there informative and up to date. Use email to let your customers know about the new additions, and give them something interesting to read like weather information.

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