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Link exchange Web site reciprocal link link exchange request form utilized for link exchange between web sites and A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network.

Link exchange, link and link popularity web pages are published by the A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network. A to Z Advertising links, link exchange pages, reciprocal links, domains, free Web pages, free Web sites and other Web sites administered, either directly or indirectly are registered with and can be found (using a variety of search specific keywords) on all the major search engines and directories.

The last search performed, at the various Internet search engines, revealed over 5400 Web pages either published by the A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network or directly linked to AtoZAd.Net through link exchange utilizing permanent reciprocal link exchange pages with other Web pages on the Internet.

The reciprocal link exchange opportunity developed, maintained and aggressively monitored by the A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network staff gets results! Many Web administrators have discovered they not only get their Web sites registered easer with search engines and directories but have also found their Web sites receive a higher search engine ranking when they exchanged a permanent reciprocal link with the A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network.

Due to the complexity of effective reciprocal links you will find that this link exchange opportunity is quite different. The permanent link exchange requirements of the A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network requires you (the requester) to provide more information and a little additional work for effectiveness. However should you wish your Web site to participate in and reap the rewards far outnumbering those found in many run-of-the-mill link exchange opportunities then this is the link exchange opportunity for you and your Web site. This link opportunity submission form in no way includes your link submission at any Free For All (FFA) link submission page, although if you think about it, your Web site will be indirectly and automatically "spidered" or "crawled" by using this link submission request form.

Right now, AtoZAdNet is receiving about 20 link requests a day from webmasters that haven't a clue about the right way to link! So AtoZAdNet decided to publish the "Ten Commandments of Linking" to cover all the basics for effective linking.

Link Exchange Commandments:

1. Thou Shall Always Put Up A Link BEFORE Asking For A Link.

Putting up a link to someone before you ask them for a link is proper linking etiquette and is much more effective than the alternative. If you're going to ask somebody for a link then don't waste their time unless you've already linked to them.

2. Thou Shall Not Build Link Farms.

AtoZAdNet is seeing this commandment being violated more all the time. Some people are in such a rush to get links that they try to link to EVERYBODY. They don't have any type of cohesive theme to their link directories. They are just a mish mash of totally unrelated websites thrown together - in other words a "link farm"!

3. Thou Shall Not Hide Thy Link Directory!

This one really makes link partners want to smite somebody! Some guy will ask Webmasters for a link, but when you go to his home page, you look around for 10 minutes and can't find a way to get to their link area from there

4. Thou Shall Have No More Than 50 Links On One page.

Actually, 50 links on one page is really pushing it. If you have more than 50 links on one page, then you are doing something wrong. When AtoZAdNet notices the 4th Commandment being broken, it's usually because somebody is trying to have just one page of links.

5. Thou Shall Only Ask For a Link When It Makes Sense For Both Websites!

6. Thou Shall Always Tell Others Where Their Link Is.

Don't make someone hunt for 10 minutes on your website to verify that you posted their link. Just give them the URL where you've put the link or tell them what category you posted them in.

7. Thou Shall NOT SPAM For Link Requests.

If you send email to unrelated web sites in your link directory just because you want to possibly get a link, then you are spamming in mind and spirit. The webmaster who receives this kind of email is not going to be a happy camper because your web site does not remotely match their web site and has nothing to offer their visitors.

8. Thou Shall Keep Thy Link Requests Short And Sweet!

Don't tell people your whole life story when you ask for a link because they really don't care! When AtoZAdNet receives a link request, it's looking at these factors. Is this site somewhat related to one of AtoZAdNet's managed domains and does it fit in a link directory theme or web page? Has this person already linked to a web site? Can web site visitors easily find their link area from the home page? Does this site have a coherent theme or is it just a link farm? Is the page that AtoZAdNets link is on have less 50 links or less? Does at least the home page of the site have some Google PageRank?

9. Thou Shall Always Keep Thy Word.

If you tell somebody that you're going to upgrade them to link partner status, then make sure you do it right away or let them know when they can expect it to be done.

10. Thou Shall Not Take Down Your Link Partner's Link.

If you give somebody a link, then don't delete it when you think nobody's looking! AtoZAdNet's seen people try to pull one over by getting a link, then deciding to delete their entire link directory a few months later!

Viewing the privacy policy of A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network, here, you will read that A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network does not maintain a mailing list, sell or rent email addresses to any third party marketing entity, collect, sell, disseminate or otherwise make available any personal information concerning our Web site visitors. A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network has an absolute zero tolerance with regards to SPAM and Unsolicited Commercial Email (U. C. E.)! Internet security is first priority which is why this paragraph is being included on this link submission request form Web page to forewarn unscrupulous Internet email list marketers and ease any suspicions in the minds of honest hardworking professional Web administrators.

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Place a link pointing back to my Web site at this URL: This is the address (URL) where you want the A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network to point to on your Web site. Remember the link will only be effective and accepted if a link at any given URL reciprocates back to the A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network link web page you selected.

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