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Link a web site or web page for increased search engine generated traffic.

Link, link exchange and reciprocal link exchange pages are functional web pages or better known to web site developers as "spider food pages". The sole purpose of a link page is to demonstrate a web site's popularity on the Internet to search engine spiders.

Link pages don't need to be nice looking to be a valuable asset in Internet marketing and search engine page ranking. Internet search engines like Google, Alta Vista, Excite, MSN, Netscape, iWon and Hotbot, to name a few, "rank" or position a web site based on the web site's link popularity with the Internet community, among other factors. The more links pointing to and from a web site the higher positioning that web site or web page receives with that search engine's result page.

Links, to be effective, must be a reciprocal link exchange. This means that when a search engine spider follows a link from your web site to another web site it better find a link somewhere on that web site, or link exchange web page, pointing back to your web site or the link is considered an invalid link by the meta tag search engine spider. Should this happen the spider will not bother to return to your web site to finish registering the rest of the web site's pages. The search engine spider will continue to crawl and register the pages on the web site you just sent it to as it follows the link. you had on your web page.

Link exchange directory provides a link exchange page for book, business, car, classifieds, computer, credit cards, education, entertainment, flower, free, game, health, internet, job, miscellaneous, movie, music, news, real estate, religion, shopping, sports, travel, weather, and web hosting web site or free web page link exchange opportunity. Internet Business Marketing is listed at Alexa. More webmaster link exchange help is available by clicking on link exchange directory index.

Link Page Summary:

Link exchange directory, demonstrating a web site's link popularity to search engine meta tag spiders, has gained tremendous importance in receiving a higher page ranking in search engine databases robots, meta tag search engine spiders and search engine crawlers. Return to or visit A to Z Advertising Internet Business Marketing Network index page by clicking here.