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Marketing, Internet marketing and a solid marketing plan is critical to successful web design. This Web master resource page contains information and useful links to help with marketing, Internet marketing and developing a marketing plan for any web site.

Marketing and Internet marketing of an information web site or commercial web site involves a marketing plan which involves the use of every resource available to Web Masters. This web page contains links to classified marketing, email marketing, marketing books, marketing services, marketing software, network marketing and search engine marketing.

Many Web Masters will spend countless hours on web design then question why their web site positioning within the search engines is not successful. These Web Masters don't understand marketing techniques, Internet marketing, marketing concepts or even have a marketing plan developed to drive traffic to their web site. Web Masters should not spend thousands of hours on web design then sit back and wait for search engine spiders or crawlers to include that web site in their database. Utilize the Web Master marketing resources on this marketing, Internet marketing and marketing plan web page to direct Internet surfers to your web site and increase your sales today.

Marketing Tips for Webmasters:
Marketing tips for Traffic & Sales.

Marketing an internet business requires consistent effort to be effective. "Consumable" advertising is that which needs to be constantly repeated, such as placing newsletter ads. While this type of advertising plays a role in your overall marketing plan, there are other methods which can yield a steady flow of traffic and sales over time, even if you were to take a break from your marketing efforts.

Marketing plans should include:
1. Write Articles and Make them Available for Publication - Newsletter editors and website publishers are always looking for quality content. Offer the content in exchange for an author byline and a link back to your website. Over time, links to your site can be found all over the web.

2. Optimize Your Web Site for the Search Engines - Although it takes time to learn how to properly design and optimize your site, once you have a good position for your key phrases, you'll get a continuous stream of visitors to your web site. Combine your optimization efforts with some great content (like weather information) and lots of incoming links and you'll have a site that will remain popular -- both with your visitors and with the search engines.

3. Links, links, and more links - Links will help the search engines find you while also making it more likely for other visitors to come across your website while surfing. There are lots of ways to encourage links to your site, including:

a. Build a quality reciprocal link directory with hand-picked sites that are relevant to your audience. This can encourage repeat visits from people who find your directory a valuable and time-saving resource.
b. Make it easy for other sites to link to you. Provide a text link and/or graphics.
c. Send out articles and get a link back to your site.
d. Get your product or service reviewed.

4. Offer quality free content or giveaways - Great content is an excellent way to build exposure for your business. Examples of catering to the internet community can been seen by visiting APO Address, Discount Shopping Worldwide Delivery, and 1 Auto Accessory Internet Automobile. It offers visitors a reason to return, plus it gives other sites a reason to link to you.

Giveaways are great, too -- a useful worksheet, an eBook of funny or inspirational stories, a helpful piece of software. Display your website URL prominently on your giveaway, and allow others to pass it on. You'll "brand" your site URL plus have people coming back for a visit.

5. Go offline - put your car to work - Think about how much time you spend in your auto. You drive around, get stuck in traffic, park at the mall. What better way to passively promote your business than displaying your URL on your auto? You can probably find a local company willing to do this for you.

6. Build your own email list - Offer your visitors something of value in exchange for their email address: a content-rich newsletter, an inspirational quote of the day, a daily 'news feed' with links to the latest headlines in your line of business...whatever your visitors find valuable. Establish your business as the source for expert and trusted information. Your goal is to have your business in the forefront of a customer's mind when he or she is ready to make a purchase. Having your own list also opens you up to other opportunities, including special promotions you can offer directly to subscribers, free stuff and joint ventures with other businesses.

7. Get some publicity - Having your URL published in a newspaper, AdLandPro or magazine can give your site a big boost in traffic -- and because people often keep old magazines, or share them with friends, it's not just a "one-time" thing.

Marketing Web Page Summery: While there are many ways to market an online business, the beauty of the methods on this marketing web page, and others like them, is that they'll continue to build over the long-term. Marketing's a great way to help you progress towards the continued success of your business. Return to or visit the index page by clicking here.