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Web design of a web site to maximize traffic from the search engines is not a difficult task but it does require Webmasters to think ahead and plan their Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) strategy carefully. If up-and-coming Webmasters have not yet built their web site and are still in the initial planning stages then they may have an easier time of it after reading this web page. If Webmasters already have an existing web site, then they may need to take the time to read up on these SEO strategies and make some changes to incorporate them into their web site.

Web design checklist of important items to consider and implement into a web page SEO strategy:

Web Design Using Javascript or Other Code Unreadable by Search Engine Spiders - If Webmasters intend to use Javascript on their web page it is best to use it sparingly or not at all. Search engine spiders cannot read Javascript and it is possible that along with ignoring it when they come across it on a web page, search engine Spiders may also get hung up on it if a Webmaster is using a lot of it. If Webmasters really need to use Javascript they can safely use it by putting the code into a separate Java Script (JS) file and calling it with a single line of code which is placed between the web page <head> and </head> tags within the web page. The code used to include in the JS file looks like this:
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"

Web Design Using Custom Style Sheets Effectively - If Webmasters are using Custom Style Sheet (CSS) commands, they should not include them within their actual web page source code. Webmasters don't want search engine spiders to have to wade through 100 lines of unreadable web page code before the search engine Spiders reach their web page's actual content. Instead, place style guidelines into a separate CSS file and call them with a single line of code from within the web page <head> and </head> tags by using the following code:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="replace-with-style-file-name.css"> 

Web Design and Primary Keyword Layout - Examine the web page from a source code point of view and ensure that the primary keywords or phrases will be spidered first. When search engine Spiders read a web page they read the source code just like a book is read, from left to right and top to bottom. Search engines place higher relevancy on keywords and phrases which appear closer to the top of a web page.

Web Design for Search Engine Success Means Including Spider Food Text on Each Web Page - Many times Webmasters create some very pretty web sites, but their chances of ranking high for any relevant keywords have been dashed by the use of only graphics and very little or no text on the web pages. It is very important to take the time to write some quality textual content for web pages.

Web Design and the Proper Use of robots.txt File - It is critical that Webmasters know what they're doing when they create a robots.txt file. If Webmasters are unsure of the correct syntax when modifying or creating a robots.txt file, it recommend they not use a robots.txt file at all.

Web Design and Deal Links - If Webmasters are not checking for broken links within their web site, then they should start immediately and make this a part of their SEO strategy. When a search engine spider visits a web page and discovers broken links, the impression left is that the web site is not regularly maintained and updated.

Web Design for Primary Navigation Links - Many webmasters like to use fancy looking navigation links but, in doing so, they fail to establish a theme for their sites. To maximize the effect and clearly define the theme of a web site, webmasters need to use a text link that has the primary keyword or phrase within the link text. This is called Link Reputation.

Web Design of Home, Site Map and Contact Page Links - The Home, Site Map and Contact pages are your site's primary pages and should be your SEO strategy top priority. It is essential that these pages be spidered and exposed to your site visitors. To ensure that they are spidered, place links to them near the top of your source code on every page of your web site. Your site map page should (if properly optimized) have links to all of your sub pages and use primary keywords belonging to each sub page within the link text pointing to those sub pages.

Web Design with Excessively Small Type Font Sizes - Text in a font smaller than font size 2 is normally reserved for copyright information and the legal jargon often seen at the bottom of web pages. Use font size 2, or greater, for the majority of text on your page.

Web Design with HTML Frames - Frames are not very search engine friendly because search engines cannot read a framed source document that tells your browser to load more than one page in your browser window at the same time.

Web Design of Non-Spider-Friendly URL's - If the URL's for your web site contain characters such as &, $, =, %, etc., that is they are dynamic in nature, then search engine spiders may not be able to read them. And, if they can't be read, then the search engine spiders won't be able to follow them to index the web page. However, there are two solutions available to fix this problem. 1. Webmasters who have sites hosted on servers with Unix operating systems can use Apache mod_rewrite programming commands to rewrite URL's that contain a session ID, or other nasty characters, into search engine spider friendly URL's. 2. Name a web page with more than one keyword name with acceptable characters. Here are a few proven successful examples to follow when creating a multi name key phrase rich web page name: finding+nemo+dvd+movie.html, final+fantacy+video+game.html, frankfurtgermany.html, credit+cards.html, auto-repair.html.html or new_york.html. Leaving a space in the page name is acceptable by search engine spiders it lessens the chances of that web page being found on the first pages of search engine queries because the search engine engine would only index the first part of the page name and not the second part of the web page name.

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